My name is SKOPJE. I perform in the grey areas between Folk, acoustic, and experimental music.

I constantly find wonderful and original music whilst gigging, and endeavor to bring it to the people of Watford.
SILENCIO has turned out to be a real "Labour of Love" growing and evolving since 2011

I spend most of my time going backwards and forwards between Watford and London seeing truly phenomenal music, and wondering

"Why isn't this on the radio?" .........

Silencio is my way of throwing stones at the heavily armoured beast they call "The Music Industry"

My philosophy is to work hard on the promo, spread the word about the artsists, and to pay basic travel expenses.

I only put on 4-5 main events per year, and i have over 40 acts i'm trying to put on, so there is quite a backlog of people i'd love to have come and play

If you would like to play, please send me a link to your soundcloud or bandcamp, and i'll get back to you in 48 hours

P.S. Note to the thrash metal band from chicago who keep sending me hate mail because i didn't think their music was suitable for my Acoustic/Folk/Experimental night

1. Every time you send hate mail, GOD KILLS A KITTEN...... Yes its true!!! God is a total git!

2. Always check out the type of music night you're applying to play for, "kittens are so cute, PLEASE!. Lets keep those kittens safe!(see pic at bottom of page)"

(I'm allergic to kittens, but thats another story)